Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Election: Transforming the Health of America

This election is not helping my chronic anxiety. I'm sure I'm not the only one on pins and needles awaiting the results on November 4th. Although I decisively chose my candidate months ago, I spend far too much time glued to the online media:

Huffington Post
Air America
Rachel Maddow
Brave New World TV
The Daily Kos
Real Clear Politics

For comic relief, I enjoy:

Saturday Night Live
Dave Letterman
Jon Stewart

...but that of course does not divert my focus away from the election.

Greg Palast has me petrified about the GOP stealing the election, and Naomi Wolf has me frightened of impending fascism. Even Rolling Stone is sounding the alert about voter purging. Yikes! I recently joined Common Cause to promote a fair and just electoral process. Thank Goddess for my anxiety-relieving remedies (see posted list).

Our individual health depends on our environment being conducive to health. That means we need a healthy economy, an adequate health care system, and leaders who care about all of our well-being, including the poor, the middle class, women, and minorities.

Health also depends on stress reduction, since 85% of all illness is caused by stress. Societal stress is sky-high in the U.S. right now, and many people I know are battling stress-related illnesses.

Let's all vote in a new government that will improve our quality of life, so we can all get well.

Barack Obama
Support Democratic Candidates

Somehow we’ll all make it through the next two weeks, and with Grace, hard work, and vigilance, we will have a positive electoral outcome. Together we can transform the health of the United States of America.

Please vote, volunteer, donate, whatever you can.

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