Saturday, March 1, 2014

Be the Bamboo

I had a vision today down by the creek, at the culmination of my first week of mourning.

I saw reeds planted deep in the strong current, and remembered the saying, "bend like the reed." Yet I knew I did not want to be like those reeds, drowning and battered by the raging waters. 

I also saw small trees growing up through the concrete, amazing in their ability to survive. Yet I knew I did not want to be so gnarled and twisted, bent and struggling. 

Then, above the reeds and trees, I saw a stand of bamboo. Also growing out of concrete against all odds, I saw the bamboo vibrant, green, straight, and tall, all standing together as one. I saw that the bamboo would survive and THRIVE despite all odds -- hollow and open on the inside, communal and resilient on the outside. 

I knew then: Be the Bamboo. 

Song courtesy of Ananda Seva Eugene (Baba = The Beloved)