Saturday, October 4, 2008

10 Reasons I Love Walking in the Rain

Life is like a very long hike -- we can't go back, so we need to stop and rest along the way. And we need to provide for ourselves the fuel we need to go the distance -- lots of love! And remember to stop once and awhile, look around and get our bearings -- see the beauty all around us... and make sure we're still on the right path!

10 Reasons I Love Walking in the Rain:

1) It's quieter and more relaxing

2) It's cooler so I won't get overheated

3) There's way less people

4) The ground feels soft underfoot

5) The humidity soothes my dry skin, hair, etc.

6) No hyper sun-lovers shouting into their cell phones

7) No skin-cancer worries and no sunscreen needed

8) The sound of the rain is so comforting

9) The air is fresher and cleaner

10) Negative ions, baby!

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